Ave Maria Academy is a Catholic Classical Home School Academy

Mission Statement:

A home school academy that combines a solid classical academic formation with a thorough understanding of the Catholic faith. Students will be encouraged to be excellent communicators and logical thinkers so that they will become effective disciples for the New Evangelization.

Who we are:

Ave Maria (AMA) is a full two day academy that will cover all core subjects except Phonics instruction and Math at some levels;  however if a level of math is not offered, a Math Study Hall is provided for students to work on their independent math studies. AMA will assist parents in their homeschooling vocation. Although there will be assignments to be completed on non- AMA days, parents are the principal educators of their children and are responsible for motivating, monitoring, assigning grades and fulfilling any state homeschooling requirements.


  • A full day of parent and student participation is encouraged. Requests for specific situations (partial day or full day drop-offs) will be compassionately considered.
    • Why is it nice to be part of the AMA day as a parent?
      • Be in a place to get and receive support from other parents…
      • Be available for your child to watch their presentations, pray with them during prayer time, watch them during recess…
      • Be a part of other homeschool families- pray for each other, help each other, get “fueled” spiritually and socially….
  • Students will be placed in the appropriate grade according to age, unless parents request a lower grade.
  • Mentors, Parents and Students will be required to sign a code of conduct and statement of faith.
  • All families are required to contribute to the operation of Ave Maria Academy either by teaching and/or assigned responsibilities.

Registration Process:

  • All new families must schedule to meet the Board and get a tour of the building.
  • After an application form is submitted the family is scheduled for a shadow day and final interview.
  • Potential students may be asked to read an excerpt from a history or literature book of the current grade and summit a writing sample.
  • Based on classroom space the family may receive an invitation to register at Ave Maria Academy. The non-refundable registration fee is due with submission of the registration form.
  • Ave Maria Academy reserves the right to decline any application.