The Catholic Faith is center to Ave Maria Academy.  Not only is Catholicism woven throughout the curriculum, but our Faith is integral to our day both individually and as an academy as a whole.

Although not all of our curriculum comes from a Catholic provider; we incorporate our faith throughout our classes.  In history we study not only the history of the world but Church history as well.  Religion is offered as a weekly class.

We have monthly Bible verses that are memorized and recited each class day and monthly virtues that are discussed and practiced.   The “Pater Noster,” “Ave Maria,” and “Gloria Patri” are learned and recited.  Each class begins with a prayer.

We pray together as an entire academy.  At 11:30am on school days, we gather before lunch to pray a decade of the Rosary or the Divine Mercy Chaplet, sing a worship song, and pray the Angelus.  On the First Friday of the month (and usually another Friday during the month) in lieu of these prayers, we gather for Mass.

High School students have the opportunity to go with AMA on the following retreats: